In China, an Education in Dating

Published on 11 May 2019 / In Travel & Events

In China, an Education in Dating<br />“But that’s not the case for women, and this is why so many Chinese men can’t have a long-term relationship.”<br />The makeovers are followed by the students posing for photos — reading Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time,” sipping tea<br />and nibbling canapés presented in a silver bird cage, looking pensively out a window.<br />Most social interactions in China usually start or end with people scanning each other’s<br />WeChat QR codes — a practice known as saoing — or adding each other’s WeChat IDs.<br />The same month, the All-China Women’s Federation in northwestern Gansu Province helped organize a similar event for “leftover men<br />and women,” a term used in China to refer to unmarried people in their late 20s or older.<br />Now, Mr. Zhang is ready for love — but like many men in China, he doesn’t know where to begin.<br />“There are many people who lack the ability to have a relationship,” said Mr. Zhang,<br />who enrolled in a three-day course during a weeklong holiday in October.<br />Mr. Zhang’s dating coach, Zhang Mindong, said he was once like the men he teaches.<br />In China, where the mobile internet has revolutionized social life, getting to know a person takes place<br />almost exclusively on WeChat, a popular social media tool that is used by nearly 1 billion people.

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